Simplicity is an elusive goal sometimes. Ok, simplicity is elusive most of the time. But so are a lot of things that are important.  Should that stop us from our pursuit? There is only one, resounding answer to this question. And maybe by tomorrow I’ll have my movie soundtrack song(s) to share with the world. […]

Mid Life Crisis?

Mid Life Crisis?  Mid Life Celebration? Two choices.  Maybe there are more, but it only seems like two that are obvious. So if you had a choice, which would you pick? No brainer, eh? Yep, no brainer.  Then why are so many unhappy? Because life is hard.  Sometimes, it even feels impossible.

Hardest Thing

“It’s the hardest thing in the world to accept a little success and leave it that way”. — Marlon Brando More is better, right? I’m pretty much an over-achiever. Hard to have a 25-year career within a Fortune 100 company and not have excellence rub off on you. What has rubbed off on us is what […]