Perspective is everything

West Orange HS Cross Country
Girls 5k at 8am, boys at 8:30am.


Perspective is everything.

Someone will be first and someone will be last.

How you handle these two situations says a lot about who you are.

And this is for everyone, not just the two who actually are first and last.




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Holding on to too much, we are weighed down

Disney World Monorail cab
You can see the coolest things in this Orlando town called Walt Disney World Resort.


Will you push the day or will the day pull you?

Holding on to too much, we are weighed down. And the drag on our potential joy today is severely inhibited.

And this doesn’t bother the crap out of you?

It does me.

Big time.

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Carpe Diem Midlife!

Canada, April 26, 2010
Canada, April 26, 2010

Ever get to the end of your work day and feel like you gave so much you hardly have energy to be engaged later in the evening?

Was feeling like that yesterday after giving two great keynote speeches here at the Metro Toronto Convention Center.

But there were several tempting choices:

  1. Run along the harbor waterfront
  2. Visit the CN Tower (world’s tallest?)
  3. Attend the Blue Jays vs Red Sox Baseball game

So, knowing that these opportunities will most likely never come again, I’ll share photos of what happened, after I get to Charlotte, North Carolina.  Carpe diem!

An Old Ironic Habit

“It is an old ironic habit of human beings to run faster when we have lost our way”.Rollo May

I’m tempted to question myself. Why? Because many I talk with, think I’m crazy to believe that people will want to change if the right recipe comes along.

There is a secret recipe. Everyone knows it. But because we ignore it, it remains a secret.

The secret is, “work hard and find your purpose”.

Most people don’t want to do either. I certainly didn’t. Most of my life was, “Work hard, play hard”. That’s a catch phrase for, “Hurry up, we’re lost”.

Then I regained consciousness and started looking around.  There’s much work to be done.  The harvest is great, the workers are few.

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Mid Life Fanatic

Mid Life Fanatic. Why yes, yes I am.

Why wouldn’t anyone want to be a mid life fanatic? Actually, why wouldn’t anyone want to be fanatical about life? Period.

Fanatical. Defined as excessive enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm is just another word for attitude. Attitude is up to you. No one else. Period.

We get one chance to have enthusiasm. It’s the time between our birth and our death.

Ya with me?  Seriously.  Are you with me?  Carpe diem 🙂

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