Forced to slow down

Forced to slow down.

Tomorrow, March 20, all Walt Disney World Resorts shut down at 5:00 PM.

Pray for internet connectivity.


Also pray (or your equivalent) for a Friday (tomorrow) Presidential update that asks our Nation to collectively make the proper next move with Covid-19 as we head into the weekend and the possibility of a “leave your home only for essential reasons”.

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How intentionality teaches you

Horseback rider in Orlando neighborhood
While writing yesterday quickly captured neighbor riding her horse through our front yard.


It’s taken our entire lifetime to get to this day called today.

When we live intentionally, everything becomes our teacher.


Paying attention can only happen when we slow down.

Slowing down is not socially promoted or even remotely possible in today’s world.

Is it?

Give up or slowly work on slowing down.

Shedding, purging, letting go, simplifying, pausing to sit – and listen to our own breath.

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American Culture Is Built On Speed, Fueled By Big Business And The Internet

Double entendre: Forbes = Business, 400meters = speed

Now is almost becoming too slow. It’s getting so that we want to know beforehand, otherwise, it’s old news. American businesses that survive are nimble. If smart and nimble enough, they make it onto The Forbes 400. As a Master’s 400 meter runner, speed determines world class or not. No other factor, only speed.

Christmas is almost here.

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Be Afraid to Stop

“Be not afraid of going slowly;  be only afraid of standing still”. Chinese Proverb

I just wrote a blog post at jeff about this very subject.  About wondering if now is the right time, if the current approach is the right approach.

This type of potential self-doubt and potential fear, can sabatoge us from breaking through to something we can be great at.  And something we should be great at.  It’s just that we are late bloomers and are playing catch up.

This time delay – from creating a compelling vision – to it actually materializing, takes way longer than most people can comprehend.  This is why people give up and stop,

So, be not afraid of going slow.   Be afraid of stopping.