Outlasting Fear

The Hardest Part About Getting Started To Overcome Fear?

Get a permit if one is required. It may save your life.

The single most difficult part of getting started in our quest to overcome our fear(s) is simply to start, to try, to attempt.

Insight: There is no conquering with wishes.

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The Herd

Hardest Thing

“It’s the hardest thing in the world to accept a little success and leave it that way”.Marlon Brando

More is better, right?

I’m pretty much an over-achiever. Hard to have a 25-year career within a Fortune 100 company and not have excellence rub off on you.

What has rubbed off on us is what we carry into mid-life. This is why it’s a crisis. Along the way, we weren’t paying attention to common sense.

Midlife provides a second look at common sense. Midlife does not provide an easy choice. But it does provide one.

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