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Disneyland Greetings

jeff noel and Pluto
Last night at Disney’s California Adventure.

Disneyland Greetings.

Why am i at Disneyland?

To record an episode of If Disney Ran Your Life podcast.

More specifically, to record episode 2 (Cardio) of Season 5 about Body – physical vibrancy.

Why here?

Because Disney represents excellence, Disneyland represents excellence (and a new beginning), and If Disney Ran Your Life podcast represents excellence in .thinking .differently

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At Least It’s Not Complicated

Simple, Key, Repeatable Messages
Simple, Key, Repeatable Messages

Life is hard.

And difficult.

But at least it’s not complicated.

Mental responsibilty.

Physical responsibility.

Spiritual responsibilty.

Career responsibility.

Administrative responsibility.

Life's Big Choices (4 total)

Mid Life Distractions

So Many Choices
So Many Choices

Midlife distractions are everywhere, aren’t they?

And yet, life is pretty simple.

Where did all the complications come from?

Mind, body, spirit, money, plus all the day-to-day clutter.

Has anybody out there found the the answers to life’s big questions?

Peace In Your Soul

Mid Life Celebration Valentine

John 3:16
John 3:16

Valentine’s Day.  Mid Life Celebration. Sunday, February 14, 2010.

Today’s thought is a simple one.

John 3:16

Peace In Your Soul

Money Top Ten Questions


Top ten MONEY questions you should have answers to:

1.  Do you spend less than you earn?

2.  What is your net worth (assets minus liabilities)?

3.  Do you have a CPA and Attorney?

4.  Do you have a will?

5.  Is your image tied to your possessions?

6.  How much do you donate to charity?

7.  Do you have a passive income source(s)?

8.  How are your investments and assets diversified?

9.  What size is your rainy day fund?

10.  What’s your retirement date, and plan afterwards?

These are the basic, fundamental questions you should have ready answers to. Money is the one most people struggle with understanding how it works.

There is a Peace that surpasses all anxiety, when we have a solid, practical, and proactive approach to Money.