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No scholarships for us

child and teddy bear
2004? is a School recommended resource for free college money.

This made me think, “Wouldn’t it be great if there were scholarships for positive attitudes?”

Dream on, right?

Looks like we still have to “pay our own way” when it comes to staying positive.

Hope that’s not a downer for anyone.

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Things I Learned Yesterday

Fresh eyes see it right away

Four Florida Sand Hill Cranes in street
Fearless, ignorant, or trusting?


Fresh eyes see things differently. And they see the difference without even trying.


Because to them, it’s obvious.

Last night near bedtime, the 14 year old was getting a rare look at these blog posts. Right away he asked why the photo captions weren’t in the photos like they used to be.

He also said, “They look ugly the way you are doing it.”

Today’s posts are back to the old way.

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Growing pains are a blessing

Uniquely trimmed tree
Not a cloud in the sky to create a shadow like that


Blue skies never test anyone.

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Dear Son

Dear Son, One Of Life’s Greatest Blessings Is That Nothing In Life Comes Easy

You took the lead on this section of trail...
Remember when you almost stepped on this snake? But you saw it in time to avoid it.

Dear Son, if things in life were easy, it wouldn’t matter if we had a great attitude or a poor attitude. We also wouldn’t need God, or determination, or perseverance, or hope, or faith. Not sure if we would need Love either. Please be thankful for hardship.

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Simplicity Sort of Not

A Potential Danger

We're All Looking For This
We're All Looking For This

Finding your purpose in midlife is a beautiful thing. And it may be as simple as the exercise described in yesterday’s links.

As I was reading them and reflecting on them, it occurred to me why I still had a reservation about the whole idea of writing down, and re-writing until it made you cry, your life’s purpose. A brilliant idea, by the way.

It reinforced Mid Life Celebration’s approach as solid, valid, and important. I was very grateful for the opportunity to have my thinking challenged.

Here’s the secret no one wants to admit. While setting a goal as important as your life’s purpose is critical work, pursuing it with passion and tenacity for the rest of your life is a completely different story.

It reminded me of lofty and meaningful New Year’s Resolutions. They usually fail.

And that’s why this midlife blog is helpful to all of you facing an impending midlife crisis, or those of you smack dab in the center of one right now.

Here, everyday, you’ll find a small insight, tip, or story – in real time – to help you pursue your life’s purpose with passion and tenacity. Every day. Got it?