Who’s the most important member of your mental fitness team?

  Who’s the most important member of your mental fitness team? You are. Who else can get regular exercise, adequate rest, balanced nutrition for you? Who else can determine your core spiritual beliefs, and your level of conviction and participation? Who else can determine your work ethic, career goals, risk tolerance, commitment to excellence and […]

Mid Life Rear View Mirror

Ever wonder how you’ll handle all of the challenges you face today? And let’s suppose we actually do get a handle on our overwhelming challenges, then what? What are the odds that we’ll be overwhelmed again soon? Maybe I should go back to drinking everyday.  After a few drinks, we are medicated enough to stop […]

Mid Life Hoarder OCD?

Find a million ways to get and stay motivated, right? The Internet offers limitless opportunities to get valuable information. One of the things I do is experiment with various email subscriptions to helpful mid life health topics. Everyday Health is one of those that gives more than I can keep up with. However, I do […]

Single Most Important Tip

Things you can do to prepare for a Mid Life Crisis, before it happens.  Click here to read the article from Everyday Health. However, here’s the single most important tip you will ever get from anyone about preparing for your midlife crisis or, as I like to say, your mid life celebration. Focus on Life’s […]

Mid Life Showoff?

Mid life show off?  Depends.  It’s all in the eye of the beholder isn’t it?  Recently, I heard someone make a few snide remarks about me – “What a showoff.  No shirt.  Trying to impress people”. “Dude, are you talkin’ to me”?, I asked impatiently. “I guess I am”, the person said, also sounding impatient. “I’m sorry, […]