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Mid Life Celebration book feedback
A couple days ago, this came in.

A great mentor will not teach you what to think, she will teach you how to think.

If i tell you, you’ll never remember. If i help you figure it out for yourself, you’ll never forget.

Mid Life Celebration’s Amazon book reviews speak directly to being a sober evaluation for a person who’s needing something deeper than a surface-level examination.

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World’s first for profit non-profit?

Inside book cover
Is five years enough time (or too much time) to lay a serious foundation?


What is this notion of a for profit non-profit?

Preparing to establish Mid Life Celebration, LLC in 2008, retaining an accountant was a top recommendation from other established small business entrepreneurial friends.

My vision was to create something that would raise a lot money and then give it to the folks dedicated to finding a cure for Crohn’s disease.

Calling the accountant, an unusual discovery – he didn’t do non-profits.

Immediately (must be deep Disney creativity) the notion of a for profit non-profit entered my consciousness.

The 10-year plan included five years to create the platform, become a brand, and most importantly, make money.

Four point nine years have passed.

Can I do it within five?

Insight: Dreams come true when we are flexible, creative, and determined to only accept success.

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Weekly update number 3 from Mid Life Celebration

Dear readers, confession time. I’ve developed a daily addiction to love of writing. Even without readers like yourselves, I’d write anyway. However, the fact that you visit makes everyday, well, Thanksgiving day. Thank you.

Can’t believe what started as a 100-day personal challenge to write in all five midlife celebration blogs (mind-body-spirit-work-home) every single day has continued now 44 months… 7,000 posts later.


Did he say bullshirt?

orlando professional speakers
A typical trip for me, four sessions of 300 each, over two days (1,200 total people)

Did he say bull shirt in yesterday’s post? Yep. Okay, so it was a quote. A really great quote. Happy Labor Day weekend.

This morning I’m in Iowa speaking about customer service best practices. I don’t swear when I teach. Ever. Nor do I mention all this blogging at Mid Life Celebration. Ever.

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PS. Culture is what people think and do, without thinking.