Dear Son

A weapon for what?

Mind quote
Photo from social media but can’t recall which one. No attribution.


Each of the past 3,091 consecutive days, i’ve been conscience of the fact this blog is about our mind.

The photo above…our mind as a weapon?

To fight negativity,  sure.

But otherwise, i’d hesitate to call it a weapon.

Thinking tool is a better word than weapon.

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Like you mean it with your mind

Disney Leadership Keynote Speaker


Glorious are the days when we get the chance to think like we mean it.

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Who feeds you?

Chipotle napkin
Dinner two night’s ago in between a busy schedule.


Chipotle napkin with jeff noel logo
When our attitude is well fed, we have energy to .see .differently


There is something magical about writing every morning for two hours. It really feeds the positive energy required to be unfailingly grateful.

Then to comprehend that it’s been 2,221 consecutive days…nothing short of miraculous.

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