Daily distractions and “Squirrel” are synonymous

Yesterday and this morning: Did you hit the snooze button? Did you get at least an hour of outside sunlight? Sleep late? Exercise? Floss last night? Driven by digital notifications? Wakeup without a plan? Dwell on problems? How much quiet time did you get? Dinner at least three hours before sleep? Good breakfast? Sugar intake? Help […]

Burn the ship of fear

    (photo: Last night leaving the parking lot at Buena Vista Palace in Walt Disney World. Cortes? Burn the ships? Yes!) Everyone is afraid. Not everyone lets fear become an excuse. A thought from Troy Tyler: “Strat­egy is all about com­mit­ment,” says Tyler. “If what you’re doing isn’t irrev­o­ca­ble, then you don’t have a […]

Do we show up everyday with compelling questions?

  Do we show up everyday with compelling questions? Great questions that challenge authority (our own as well as other’s) and status quo. Or does the way life has a habit of beating us down, making us fearful of looking stupid and out of place… … does that encourage us to put our heads down […]