International travel is gradually becoming normal

  Bogota, Columbia sits at 7,500’. Makes Denver’s mile-high status (5,280′) not so impressive. The Mile High City likely got its nickname from some clever marketing person. In America, it works. Yet there are many global cities that a mile up is not noteworthy. Sitting in the Bogota airport writing this post and reflecting on […]

Hey there South America, c-ya real soon

  Hey there South America, c-ya real soon. Flew out Sunday night. Arrived Monday morning. Hotel by 11am. Meeting at 3pm. Dinner at 7pm. Up at 5am Tuesday. Spoke 1030-1130am. TV interview. Private interview. Pack for 6pm departure. Lunch at 2pm. Nap 400-500pm. Hotel taxi to airport at 530pm. Wheels up (see photo above) at 950pm. Arrive Orlando […]

Parents, Grandparents, Relatives

Part of life is the daily challenge of wanting to not miss a thing, but the reality is, we miss a lot. Today, I’ll be returning from a California trip and will be home well past our son’s International Day Parade. Cheryl will capture the singing and dancing on video. Meanwhile, imagine the vision – […]

An Old Ironic Habit

“It is an old ironic habit of human beings to run faster when we have lost our way”. — Rollo May I’m tempted to question myself. Why? Because many I talk with, think I’m crazy to believe that people will want to change if the right recipe comes along. There is a secret recipe. Everyone […]