Happy 2nd Disney Retirement Anniversary

Disney Executive coach jeff noel
Halloween 2014, the morning of the final day as an official full-time Cast Member.


Happy 2nd Disney Retirement Anniversary.

October 31, 2014

It’s fun to reflect back on working as a full-time, 30-year Cast Member until 5pm on Halloween 2014.

After 5pm, i became “officially” retired from Walt Disney World.

Pretty scary.

Invisible insight: i intentionally picked Halloween to retire so there’d be the purposeful soundbite, “It was pretty scary to leave Disney after 30 years”.




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Happy one year Disney milestone anniversary

Marriott key packet
Jacksonville, FL Marriott arrival yesterday.


Our lives tick by one after the other. Day after day after day.

When does sucking the marrow out of life begin?

Seriously, when?

Never in a million years did i think blogging would change my life.

To carve out two hours every morning to contemplate yesterday, today, and tomorrow…pure joy.

Writing this on July 23 from the Jacksonville Marriott knowing this will go live on Halloween,  a very special, once-in-a-lifetime day.

What’s cool after two hours? The sun comes up and another amazing day unfolds.

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Disney Retiree website
This post card arrived the other day.



Relax and enjoy the Magic?

Yes, and…

Life is good as a Disney retiree.

Many think i’m astonishingly lucky and have no idea…

  • It was six years in the making.
  • It was remarkably intentional.
  • It was a ton of work.

Still working as hard as ever, but only at one full-time job – Mid Life Celebration.

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Second month of Disney retirement begins today

Orlando's Best Disney Speakers


(photo: A few days ago as we were walking to Japan for lunch.)

What’s keeping you on edge today, recently, or coming up this week?

Retirement is the wrong word to describe life right now.

Career change is what’s happening. Received the second pension check (direct deposit) this morning though.


Weird is good.

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Disney retirement is officially official

Orlando Based Motivational Speakers


(photo: Mid Life Celebration released on Amazon nearly a year to the day – everything is going according to plan…)

What happens when you pair one of your bold, audacious goals with living like you mean it?

Received the call from the Fidelity Benefits Coordinator that retirement is officially official. While Disney had processed the separation two weeks ago, it also had to upload into Fidelity’s system. That happened today.

A surreal feeling that helps make this life event feel more real. Really real you might say. Burn the ships real.

When a spouse retires this creates what’s called a life event. A life event qualifies as significant enough to allow for modifying health care coverage to include a retired spouse.

Dear Son, what looks like luck, privilege, or ease is massively anything but. So glad you know this without a shadow of a doubt.

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