About Mid Life Celebration

An example of answering the call to do something great


The fundamental challenge from Mid Life Celebration to the world is simply this:

Do Something Great.

Mend an important relationship before its too late. Help raise money to find a cure for something incurable, or something in between.

Is there a deadline?



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The Movement

The 2015 Boomer Performance Review app

Orlando Based Keynote Speaker jeff noel


(photo: This Main Street USA window is for every Cast Member that ever was, is now, or ever will be)

Do you have annual performance reviews at work? Or if you’re retired, did you used to?

Do you, or did you, believe they had significant value to how you are/were paid?

Do you, or did you, believe that anyone ever looks at them after you and your leader sign it?

Boomers have ‘been there done that’ on many things and one of the realities we’ve learned is there are many things we do to comply with mass production.

With a positive outlook, Boomers could instead craft their performance review on the Internet.

If you are still a high-achieving professional, Google your name.

Or search your name on Amazon or You Tube.

There’s your grade.

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PS. Bonus: Google Disney Management Keynote Speakers.

Book Publishing

In reality, each of us is amazing

The most important book Baby Boomers will ever read
The most important book Baby Boomers will ever read


Funny how long it us takes to become somebody.

And because it takes so long, we do the normal thing that everyone in the Herd does.


In reality, each of us is amazing.

Yet so few believe it.

Hope this book changes that.

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Everything Is Important

I Am An Expert In My Own Personal Opinion

Life is art. Art is life. I wasn't really clear on this for a long time.

I never knew how many good things could happen once I got my priorities straight.

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Whatever A Baby Boomer Can Conceive And Believe Is The Fuel For Making Midlife Dreams Come True

Big, iconic American companies are making a comeback. Will Boomers become healthier too?

In successful organizations, Baby Boomers occupy most of the board room seats, because of our experience, intellect and wisdom. Now if we could just apply that to health and wellness. (Are we? Will we?)

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