Balance (yeah right)

Typical morning for nonconformists like Steve Jobs (or jeff noel)

nonconformists inspire the world

Typical morning for nonconformists like Steve Jobs (or jeff noel) consists of thinking differently. And not just at work, but from the very moment they awaken.

Sure there are some morning rituals (and even those arise from thinking differently). But then the thinking day starts, say 15 minutes after going to the bathroom.

It’s amazing how far we can travel when we refuse to quit…

We’re in such a unique position. No one else should be able to do what we can do. – Steve Jobs

Insight: Have something so motivating, that quitting would be more painful, than the pain of the journey.

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Authenticity (New Currency)

Ever heard of Bob Buford and Halftime?

Much of central Florida is flat. Making a hill?

fill dirt

Ever heard of Bob Buford and Halftime? A Twitter connection asked me the same question. Yeah, me neither. Bob’s message has been out for a decade or so. His website is slick. I like it. And I like that Bob’s trying to help people with the same challenges jeff noel (me) is.

Nothing new under the sun. The world is hot, flat (Internet-speak), and crowded.

Insight: Most of us retreat because of the last sentence.

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Sort of Not

The paradox of being bonus eligible

Almost every week, I stay in seriously nice hotels, like this Brooklyn Marriott…

work life balance

Cab, subway, or just walk to work…

jeff noel speaker

Someone framed it up a long time ago, “If you want a great parking space at work, become a vice president”.

Anyone can be a VP. But only those toiling endlessly do. And not only the parking space and an expense account, with their great performance, a decent monetary bonus too.

Going to continue this story at Lane 8 because it’ll surprise you where I’m going.

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The Great Summer of 2012

Want to know jeff noel’s clear, concise, and compelling work life balance vision?

be the change
this literally makes me nauseous (no offense to anyone) (show me the amazing results)

Want to know jeff noel’s clear, concise, and compelling work life balance vision? It’s profoundly simple…. simply profound. And it’s in the form of a yes or no question:

Do others hold you up as an example or a warning?

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PS. This ain’t rocket science. It could save a life.


jeff noel Used To Not Have Faith That He Could Be A Decent Writer

Barreling down life's highway was a good distraction to keep me from stopping to do what I promised.

Waiting 49 years to become a writer is a sure sign of a lack of Faith. What a difference three years and 5,000+ blog posts can make. Dear Son, you’ve been creating stories and ideas since you first learned to write. Your doubt will manifest itself somewhere else. Trust me on this one. And then find a million ways to slay that dragon.

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