Midlife Insignificance And Decline Or Midlife Legacy And Growth?

It dawned on jeff noel after writing yesterday’s Mid Life Celebration post how much Disney has influenced his thinking and his midlife choices. After 28 years tCongratulations my friend. That’s a huge milestone and proof of what happens when we don’t give up. PS brilliant photo. Is that behind your childhood home?here, including 12 years […]

What’s In It For Baby Boomers Who Follow The Movement Rather Than The Herd?

Like jeff noel’s tagline at Mid Life Celebration’s – ReThink. RePrioritiize. ReCommit. – his blog about our physical responsibility, Lane 8, has a similar challenge – If your goal isn’t impossible, you’re not reaching high enough. The Herd offers insignificance and decline. The Movement offers legacy and growth. PS. This is post 4,996, to read post 4,997 […]