Double dog daring every single reader at Mid Life Celebration

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Real life in real time at Orlando International airport (celebrating with this photo from 9/11/13


Double dog daring every single reader at Mid Life Celebration to go to Lane 8 (MLC’s physical health blog). Why? Because…

Illness is the most heeded of doctors. To goodness and wisdom we make only promises; pain we obey. – Marcel Proust

Having a great midlife attitude is not enough. It isn’t and we know it.

The message at is simple and the hope there is the same as here at MLC – that we will treat ourselves the way we deserve to be treated.

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Does Lane 8 not feel important?

Hawaiian Island High School wall mural
Hawaiian Island High School wall mural


As we journey from midlife to old age, one of the biggest regrets we observe in those ahead of us is their regret for not taking better care of their physical health. We know this to be true.

Does Lane 8 not feel nearly as important as Mid Life Celebration? I ask this because there’s a decent drop off on Google Analytics from here to there.

Our body is a temple that holds in place all that keeps us alive – is it not staggering to think there are those among us who wouldn’t have time for upkeep?

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Midlife Insignificance And Decline Or Midlife Legacy And Growth?

Walt Disney's Epcot - Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow

It dawned on jeff noel after writing yesterday’s Mid Life Celebration post how much Disney has influenced his thinking and his midlife choices. After 28 years tCongratulations my friend. That’s a huge milestone and proof of what happens when we don’t give up. PS brilliant photo. Is that behind your childhood home?here, including 12 years teaching Walt Disney’s business practices, noel has only one way of thinking – creatively BIG!

The way Walt Disney thought – no limits. Same with Bob Iger (Disney’s CEO). Iger said he wants Disney to be universally recognized as the most admired company in the world. Bold. Extraordinarily bold.

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What’s In It For Baby Boomers Who Follow The Movement Rather Than The Herd?

Some Doors Lead To Freedom, Others To A Trap

Like jeff noel’s tagline at Mid Life Celebration’s – ReThink. RePrioritiize. ReCommit. – his blog about our physical responsibility, Lane 8, has a similar challenge – If your goal isn’t impossible, you’re not reaching high enough. The Herd offers insignificance and decline. The Movement offers legacy and growth.

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