Balancing adventure with adulthood

  There are different types of security. A roof over our heads, clean water, a stocked refrigerator, a ‘good’ job. The well-worn path society the herd travels. Nothing destroys our sense of adventure more than a secure future. The outliers movement challenges us to do something great. To be adventurous… Mend an important relationship before it’s too […]

Mid Life Crisis?

Mid Life Crisis?  Mid Life Celebration? Two choices.  Maybe there are more, but it only seems like two that are obvious. So if you had a choice, which would you pick? No brainer, eh? Yep, no brainer.  Then why are so many unhappy? Because life is hard.  Sometimes, it even feels impossible.

Take Your Time, But Hurry Up

“You no longer spend your life hurrying around the corner for something which is never there”. — Rex Harrison If we’ve heard it once, we’ve heard it a thousand times.  There is no guarantee in life, except that we will die. There seems to be a delicate balance between hurrying and not hurrying. We shouldn’t […]