Life Celebration Ripple Effect

The Life Celebration Ripple Effect. Like Martin Luther King, I, jeff noel, have a dream. And as Gandhi challenged, we must become the change we wish to see in the world.

Let the change start with the elders. Let the male Baby Boomers step up as they begin retiring, to help clean up the world’s mess before they die.

And let the power of The Movement begin to ripple out to Baby Boomer women, Gen X men & women, Gen Y men & women, Millennial men & women, Gen Z too.

But wait, the Life Celebration Ripple Effect goes farther and deeper than anyone imagines.

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Ladies & Non-Boomers

To every women, Gen X, Gen Y and Millennial, and even Gen Z out there, you are a critical part of Mid Life Celebration’s The Movement.

Start with what you know. Sage advice. Common sense (but not common).

As a male Baby Boomer, born in 1959, I’m what you call an expert in this generational demographic. In fact, I also have Gen X characteristics.

So I’m starting with the people I know the best. The ones I can look in the eye and call their bluff (aka as BS). But you come in right there beside us, as part of the Life Celebration Ripple Effect (LCRE).

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We Miss The Whole Point

There Famous Slogan Is Long Gone
Their Famous Slogan Is Long Gone

There’s a lesson, an insight, a revelation, a blinding flash of the obvious in this post for you, as we conclude this week’s theme from the former Rock and Roller.

As Baby Boomers, Gen X-ers, and even Gen-Y age, things change. Physical maifestations are easy to recognize – grey hair, wrinkles, weight gain, aches, even our music’s volume.

Change is good, unless you sell out on your claim to fame. Ron-Jon Surf Shop used to be just that, a single Cocoa Beach Florida Surf Shop – “Not One Of Many, One Of A Kind“.

Until their expansion. Cash is king. It used to be passion.

Remember? Totally famous? A “must-see” Florida Tourist attraction for decades. To leave Florida without a Ron-Jon T-shirt was unthinkable for most sunshine and beach lovers.

Back to the story, Flash says (because I asked him) the meaning of life is here and now.

Right now. This is it. It’s what we have in front of us and what we do with it.

The chase, the search for something better is the devil. In our efforts to go, or be, somewhere other than here, we miss the whole point.

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(absolute coincidence, Ron Jon Founder arrested yesterday)

Want The New Buzz?

Springtime Singles Rebirth
Springtime Singles Rebirth

The new buzz isn’t from a can or a bottle.

The new buzz is from a ready and willing heart.

The long way is the short cut.

Baby Boomers and Gen X-er’s have the greatest opportunity to be a catalyst for positive change.

Old habits are hard to break and almost never broken.

As the saying goes, “Put up or shut up.”

The world needs role models who do more than talk about what needs to be done.

Are you that kind of person?

Are you a thermometer or a thermostat?

Maybe Everyone Else Is Wrong

Lane 8, Impossible?
Lane 8, Impossible?

“When everybody tells you that you are being idealistic or impractical, consider the possibility that everybody could be wrong about what is right for you.”Gilbert Kaplan