Two questions i ask to get better at anything

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Published yesterday, Christmas Day, The First Noel.

Do you know the two secrets to long-term transformation?

If you want to get better at something ask yourself two questions.

1. How will my life change in 10 years if I succeed?

2. Why do I want to get better at this?

What you gain is vision and motivation.

Simply put, if you know where you are going and it’s life-changingly (made up that word) important to you, can you guess what’s gonna happen?

Also simple: if you don’t know where you are going, nor are you motivated to figure it out, nor motivated to get there…it makes the previous question’s answer ridiculously obvious.

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Change is good

On December 7, WordPress released update 4.7 – “Vaughan“. Added the new default theme to all 5 blogs, but everything else is unchanged. Enjoy.


Elvis has left the building

Orlando airport parking garage
Habits are what we think and do without thinking.


Habits are our default mode. No thinking required. It’s built in.

Of course i take a photo of where i parked. i also always park in the last spot in the row.

So the “insurance policy” is that if i can’t find the photo, all i have to do is walk the back of the parking lot.




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A beautifully simple and elegant piece of art designed around that which we think of constantly

Live fully now: Tragedy and Hope’s Alan Watt’s video message:



Isn’t it a delightful surprise when someone puts together a beautifully simple and elegant piece of art designed around that which we think of constantly, yet struggle to articulate?

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Everything starts with our thinking

Shape magazine cover
What we choose to read and watch dramatically influences our thoughts


Everything starts with the things we think about.

We can think about anything we want.

If we can’t control our thoughts, there are endless options to address this.

This is our personal responsibility.

It is no one else’s.

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