Cat’s In The Cradle

It was hard wasn’t it? How can you pick one single solitary song, when there are ten’s of thousands, if not hundred’s of thousands of songs to pick from? So, after re-reading the list from yesterday’s blog post, it just hit me this morning. “Cat’s In The Cradle“, by Harry Chapin is my all-time favorite […]


Simplicity is an elusive goal sometimes. Ok, simplicity is elusive most of the time. But so are a lot of things that are important.  Should that stop us from our pursuit? There is only one, resounding answer to this question. And maybe by tomorrow I’ll have my movie soundtrack song(s) to share with the world. […]

The Song Featured In Your Movie?

What song did you pick? Two days ago, I asked, “If your life were made into a movie, what would be the featured song?” Okay, so I have a confession.  This question is too difficult to answer without considerable thought. I mean, it will be the song featured on your movie’s soundtrack, right? My other […]

Wish You Were Beautiful!

Yes.  It’s a line in a song from Jimmy Buffett’s CD, Coconut Telegraph. “The weather is here, wish you were beautiful”. I used to travel all over the country, from 18 years old to 24.  Traveled by bus, car, foot and bicycle. One year, I wound up in Pullman, Washington and called it home for […]