Watch the sky

laptop by desk window at sunrise
Midway between the Solstices. Summer the Sun rises far left, out of this photo. Same out-of-photo with Winter but far right.

Watch the sky.

Watching the sky reminds us of the nuance that happens imperceptibly, yet when the imperceptible changes are combined, it’s a massive change.

Watching the Sun’s position on December 21 and June 21 – the Winter and Summer solstices – reveals dramatic change.

Yet we go about our day to day, too busy to notice the nuance.

The calendar and media tell us what time of the year it is and what we should do based on that.

In the wild, animals don’t have calendars or media.

Maybe we’d pay more attention to it if we never had a clue what today’s weather will be.

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Truth be told

Baby bird on driveway in Florida
First sighting two days ago


Close up of bay bird
Final sighting yesterday.


Florida landscape
Hawk flew into this tree. Chick was near the chairs.


Truth be told, life is brutal.

Life is also brilliantly joyful.

Running out for a quick errand yesterday, the baby bird was back. We saw him the night before and felt sad it was prematurely out of the nest.

Right or wrong i opted to let nature follow its due course, largely because i didn’t see a nest.

Snapped the photos above and turned to walk to the car. Three seconds later, screeching broke out. A hawk picked the baby up from the driveway and flew up into the closest tree and the hysteria ensued.

It lasted a few seconds and then the hawk flew off into the distance.

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