Mid Life Celebration is being in a tribe of others celebrating life

        Yesterday morning began in Jacksonville, Florida at the 2015 USATF Masters Track & Field National Championships. So many older Americans there embrace thriving regardless of negative, aging stereotypes. Twelve hours later, back home at Disney, we went to dinner at Epcot. The contrast between the physical vibrancy at the track meet and […]

Five-A-Day Bloggers

Five-a-day bloggers.  How many are there? So I Googled five-a-day bloggers and got 367,000,000 search results, but nothing on the first page described anyone who actually writes five daily blogs. Okay, no problem, let’s narrow the search, so I typed – “five-a-day bloggers” – using quotation marks to focus the search. Click here to see […]

Mid Life World Class

Mid Life is world class. It really is. But we have to work hard at it. How does a young child go from jumping off the kiddie ramp in the first photo, to jumping off the world class ramp? The same way you and I become great at anything. Practice. Last week I had the […]

Pushy at Mid Life?

What a GREAT day to be alive! Hey, thanks for reading Mid Life Celebration.  Your time is very important to you. Heck, mine is too. And I devote a fair piece of it to Mid Life Celebration. Why? Because it makes me feel like I’m helping some of you mid-life folks find a home where […]