The Road To Excellence Has

New billboard by Gold’s Gym. First thought, CHARGE!!!!! Get ENGAGED! With life, not a person. Asked a friend how his New Year’s resolutions are coming. He hasn’t made any. What the? Deep down, I wanted to say, “Why the heck not? Have you given up?” Get Engaged, man. Get engaged. Next Blog

Tell Show Involve

Tell me. Show me. Involve me. Common sense is hardly common practice. If anyone has anything to help my Family find peace and comfort as we say good bye to our beloved Canine Son, Carter, please know you may leave comments here or email them to , if you’d like to remain private.

Mid Life Leadership Paradox?

Midlife leadership paradox, or, midlife leadership pair of boxes? Pete Blank used to work as a Leader at The Walt Disney World Resort. Now, he’s an entrepreneur and Leadership coach and professional speaker. I subscribe to his blog and wanted to share one that is particularly relevant as we pursue a mid life celebration.  Click […]

Mid Life Words

Are you getting this? Mid Life Crisis versus Mid Life Celebration. These are simply mid life words, but the difference between the two sets of words is as profound as the difference here: Hate and Love War and Peace Terrorist and Missionary Dishonest and Honest Criminal and Saint Death and Life Apathy and Passion Crisis […]