jeff noel’s Vision

“I am challenging the top 3% of the male Baby Boomers to do something great before they die.  As small as mending an important relationship, to helping raise money until a cure is found for an incurable disease”.

The rest of what jeff noel said can be found in this 2009 Mid Life Celebration post.

Ladies, and people other than Boomers, tune in tomorrow to discover your role in this game changing vision.

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Are You Crazy Enough?

Crazy Bicyclist?
Crazy Bicyclist?

Are you crazy enough to dream BIG? I mean “Change the World” BIG!

Mid Life Celebration’s vision is to inspire just three percent (3%) of the male Baby Boomers to do something GREAT before they die.

From mending a Family relationship before someone dies, to helping to find a cure for an incurable disease, or something in between.

With roughly half of the 80-million Baby Boomers being men, that’s a target market of 1.2 million.

And then we pray and bank on the ripple effect.  Any idea why?

Five-A-Day Bloggers

Five-a-day bloggers.  How many are there?

So I Googled five-a-day bloggers and got 367,000,000 search results, but nothing on the first page described anyone who actually writes five daily blogs.

Okay, no problem, let’s narrow the search, so I typed – “five-a-day bloggers” – using quotation marks to focus the search.

Click here to see the result.

When was the last time you Googled anything and got only one result?

If you are new to Mid Life Celebration, welcome.  Hope you find this (and the other four daily blogs) a refreshing visit in a cyber-world that is overcrowded with people trying to sell us stuff.

None of the five-a-day blogs I write are selling anything.  Maybe hope and inspiration. But nothing that costs money.

Mid Life Thankfulness

“”What gift has providence on man that is so dear to him as his own children”.Cicero

What is at the heart of this, I believe, is that children provide adults with an opportunity to finally have someone in their lives more important them themselves.

This is a feeling that literally defies explanation.

And yes, there are readers here today that do not, and will not, have children.  That’s ok.  We are all blessed in wonderfully unique ways.  I am so thankful my wife and I are blessed to be parents.

Mid Life Crisis Isn’t Really

A mid life crisis isn’t really a crisis at mid life.  It’s simply an opportunity to:

  1. Re-THINK
  3. Re-COMMIT

Common sense, isn’t it?  Pretty simple actually.

Be careful though.  Simple does not mean easy.  Carpe diem. 🙂