Everyone is a reporter

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Since my first iPhone in 2008, i never leave the house without it. Never. As an avid lifelong photographer, it’s the coolest thing that the world’s library doubles as a camera and a DJ.

Everyone is a reporter.

Every phone is a news camera.

What is obvious and unstoppable to some is denied and feared by others.

Assume you are being recorded everywhere you go.

Such is life.

Preserve and protect your growth mindset.

Behave so that if the town gossip’s parrot started talking, you’ll be fine.

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Some work seven days a week in order to maintain their sense of balance

Professional Development program on Creativity & Innovation in Ohio
Some work seven days a week in order to maintain their sense of balance


Some people work seven days a week in order to maintain their sense of balance. Know anyone like that? Have you ever done it yourself? Doing it now?

Was off from my career position on Monday, yet always have that Macbook fired up. And using Google alerts on the personal Mac to capture the social media ‘news’, caught the photo above.

What do you use Google alerts for? At the very least, use one for your name. Paying attention is our personal responsibility. We know this.

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Mid Life Words

Nothing Under Mid Life
Nothing Under Mid Life

Are you getting this? Mid Life Crisis versus Mid Life Celebration.

These are simply mid life words, but the difference between the two sets of words is as profound as the difference here:

  • Hate and Love
  • War and Peace
  • Terrorist and Missionary
  • Dishonest and Honest
  • Criminal and Saint
  • Death and Life
  • Apathy and Passion
  • Crisis and Celebration

Have I told you lately how much joy it brings to know there are others out there who benefit as much from Mid Life Celebration as I do?

Three days away from New Year’s Eve. Got big plans for 2010?

Wisdom Confidence Courage Joy

A Word Is Worth A Thousand Pictures
A Word Is Worth A Thousand Pictures

Do you have words that fill you with Joy?  Words that inspire you? Words that instantly create positive images in your mind?

Four favorites are in the Mid Life Celebration blog post title here – wisdom, confidence, courage, joy.

Do those do anything for you?  How about these:

  • Faith, Hope, Love
  • Peace, Harmony, Balance
  • Creativity, Innovation, Change
  • Laughter, Humor, Bliss
  • Hunger, Desire, Passion
  • Determination, Tenacity
  • Vision, Mission, Brand
  • Social Media, Blogs, Facebook
  • Mind, Body, Spirit, Money

Words. So many good ones. So much meaning.

Mid Life Crisis and Mid Life Celebration. Ya with me?