Organized just enough to do a few remarkable things

    Email to college buddy who has agreed to travel to Glacier with me: Dave, ball-park ideas to maximize our time without rushing…Highline Trail and Grinnell Glacier Hike are GNP’s most popular hikes (partially because while challenging they are not too strenuous for most people), but i’m intrigued by Ptarmigan Trail – it looks […]

Annual Summer Writer’s Retreat 2016

  Annual Summer Writer’s Retreat 2016. Will the first of seven Disney books be finished when it’s over?   __________   This website is about our mental attitude. To easily and safely leave this site to read today’s post on jeff’s physical health website, click here.   On April Fool’s Day 2009, jeff noel began writing five daily, […]

i am a (midlife) fool, plain and simple

  i am a (midlife) fool, plain and simple. So on April Fool’s Day 2009, i began writing five daily, differently-themed blogs as part of a self-imposed 100-day writer’s bootcamp. On day 101, i had the guilt-free option to stop. i didn’t. And havn’t missed a single day. Ever. At a loss to explain why, except maybe this, it […]