Ladies & Non-Boomers

To every women, Gen X, Gen Y and Millennial, and even Gen Z out there, you are a critical part of Mid Life Celebration’s The Movement.

Start with what you know. Sage advice. Common sense (but not common).

As a male Baby Boomer, born in 1959, I’m what you call an expert in this generational demographic. In fact, I also have Gen X characteristics.

So I’m starting with the people I know the best. The ones I can look in the eye and call their bluff (aka as BS). But you come in right there beside us, as part of the Life Celebration Ripple Effect (LCRE).

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For 1 Man, Cash Is King

Growing pains. Learned a lot. All part of the small business startup process…

When faced with opportunity, and then obstacles, what is your track record?

Jeff Noel’s first best selling book is a passionate vision of transforming society’s paradigm for personal responsibility. The book writing process was humming along nicely.

For nine months, meeting an hour every week, recording and then transcribing the content.

These are unprecedented, tough economic times. In hind sight, for one man, cash is king.

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Mid Life Celebration

He Enjoyed The Gifts, But The Box, Even More
He Enjoyed The Gifts, But The Box, Even More

On this day of formal Thanksgiving, we have the simplest of all opportunities.

To be thankful for everything.

And if you are a Baby Boomer, or thereabouts, we can start with being thankful for making it to midlife, and choosing a Mid Life Celebration over a mid life crisis.

Many haven’t.

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Midlife Offers A Higher Purpose

Let The "Adventure" Begin
Let The "Adventure" Begin

Have you ever found yourself thrilled by some small, seemingly insignificant event or moment?  And you can’t quite put your finger on it.

Or, do you grind through each day, having a dull, aching feeling that you could be doing so much more?

Right there with you, on both accounts.

This is going to be an interesting summer, and it starts today. Who’s planning for an amazing Summer? Happy Summer Solstice.

Did You Unwrap Your Gift?

Ice Cream For Everyone
Ice Cream For Everyone

Christmas is filled with Joy. Do you exchange gifts this time of year? How about for birthdays?

There are many who think gifts are only physical items, usually bought, but sometime handmade, items.

The real gift at mid life is a cumulative book of wisdom.  People at mid life have varying degrees of self-confidence in the value of their “wisdom book”.

All mid life adults have something to offer.  And most of us have a unique chapter we could add to Life’s Wisdom Book.

Take for example, all these confident, famous people – click here to be inspired and to perhaps grow a bit more confident in your own mid life wisdom.