American Culture Is Built On Speed, Fueled By Big Business And The Internet

Now is almost becoming too slow. It’s getting so that we want to know beforehand, otherwise, it’s old news. American businesses that survive are nimble. If smart and nimble enough, they make it onto The Forbes 400. As a Master’s 400 meter runner, speed determines world class or not. No other factor, only speed. Christmas […]

The Path Less Chosen Has The Greatest Potential For Breakthrough

Mid Life Celebration’s jeff noel combines the two traits from yesterday’s post into one thought. Every morning, he predictably writes five short and pithy posts about Life’s 5 Big Choices, to help people think, smile and be grateful. Breakthroughs are rare. Many try and fail. It’s part of the process and must be embraced. jeff […]

Mid Life Celebration Is When…

Mid Life Celebration is when Best Buy’s Geek Squad delvers on their promise to help people with Internet and Technology challenges. Purchased a wireless router, wireless printer and Geek Squad installation package here in Orlando, Florida and they installed it yesterday, in Pennsylvania. There’s now a 71 year old in Pennsylvania who’s wirelessly connected to […]

Five-A-Day Bloggers

Five-a-day bloggers.  How many are there? So I Googled five-a-day bloggers and got 367,000,000 search results, but nothing on the first page described anyone who actually writes five daily blogs. Okay, no problem, let’s narrow the search, so I typed – “five-a-day bloggers” – using quotation marks to focus the search. Click here to see […]