The Writing Is On The Wall

“The day is of infinite length for him who knows how to appreciate and use it”. Goerthe

In our younger years, most of us had the luxury of not having overwhelming schedules. Being bored was common. And we dreamed of an exciting life.

Careful what you wish for, especially if you don’t read the fine print, “Exciting, as in overwhelmingly busy; insanely busy”.

I hung an old-fashioned wooden sign on our dining room wall which reads:

“The meaning of life is to learn how to enjoy the passage of time”.

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Mid Life and Time

Mid Life and Time.

“Happiness may well consist primarily of an attitude toward time”. Robert Grudin

Is this not a BFO?  A Blinding Flash of the Obvious?

Recently, I shared with our son that I’m especially challenged this year to spend time with him.

I feel it, but can’t tell if he does.  He most likely does, even if he can’t put his finger on it.

Figure it out Jeff.  You need to figure this out.  The clock is ticking. He just turned nine. You only get a nine year old for one year.  Then they turn ten.

Are ya with me?  Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂