Be Afraid to Stop

“Be not afraid of going slowly;  be only afraid of standing still”. Chinese Proverb

I just wrote a blog post at jeff about this very subject.  About wondering if now is the right time, if the current approach is the right approach.

This type of potential self-doubt and potential fear, can sabatoge us from breaking through to something we can be great at.  And something we should be great at.  It’s just that we are late bloomers and are playing catch up.

This time delay – from creating a compelling vision – to it actually materializing, takes way longer than most people can comprehend.  This is why people give up and stop,

So, be not afraid of going slow.   Be afraid of stopping.

By jeff noel

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  2. Great way to approach things Jeff! At 49 I was still singing in Rock bands for over 25 years at night and working as a receptionist in a law firm during the day. I had just remarried to a wonderful man. Three months into our ideal marriage, I suffered some serious illness and came within and hour of dying, my doctor told us. I also had a total knee replacement. and one health complication after another because of the first incident. I was let go of my job at the law firm, and my band dropped me because it was impossible to book a gig. My life seemed to come to a screeching halt. I was put on permanent disability. I really had to re-invent myself and work at life on my own time schedule and as my health dictated. It’s hard for us Boomers to slow down when we’ve been going at break-neck speed for most of our lives.
    I’ve always be “crafty” and I started a small Etsy shop and had some minor success. Then my Husband said, “OK, let’s get serious”, and we started Magic Blingdom, LLC. I go slow…I work at my own pace, but I could not, in good conscious STOP! I found depression and self-esteem issues set in if I did. We have to keep on living, loving and being involved with things that we find passion in. This is making me happy.

  3. Akasha, thanks again for visiting. Best wishes as you peruse your dreams. Hope 2012 will be your best year ever. Wow, you found an archive from 2009. Cool. Keep reinventing.

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