Long term

chalk your walk
Chalk your walk – today March 22 – to spread good karma for people who will be outside more than ever before this century.

Long term investments are just that, long term.

No matter the weather, and especially in dramatic weather, you invest and hold.

Disney stock, as we’ve talked about, is a long-term strategy.

Last week’s close at $86 is a disaster compared to the $150’s it peaked at before Covid-19.

The disciplined mindset to think long-term is decently rare.

Conversely, the disciplined mindset to have more (short-term) cash on hand is decently rare too – don’t let cash sit without your money working for you, right?

And then there’s Covid-19.

Cash is a good strategy now – this may continue for another year.

Or longer.

All of a sudden, my strategy doesn’t look so ridiculous.

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Be Afraid to Stop

“Be not afraid of going slowly;  be only afraid of standing still”. Chinese Proverb

I just wrote a blog post at jeff noel.com about this very subject.  About wondering if now is the right time, if the current approach is the right approach.

This type of potential self-doubt and potential fear, can sabatoge us from breaking through to something we can be great at.  And something we should be great at.  It’s just that we are late bloomers and are playing catch up.

This time delay – from creating a compelling vision – to it actually materializing, takes way longer than most people can comprehend.  This is why people give up and stop,

So, be not afraid of going slow.   Be afraid of stopping.