What to do when ideas flood your mind

using siri to capture ideas
Used Siri yesterday while biking to capture ideas…here’s what i said…



Just because i don’t swear doesn’t mean i don’t want to.

Just because i don’t lose my patience doesn’t mean i don’t want to.

Just because i don’t argue doesn’t mean i don’t want to.

Just because i exercise regularly doesn’t mean i want to.

Just because i go to bed early doesn’t mean i don’t want to stay up late.

Just because i reduce, reuse, and recycle doesn’t mean i’d rather not hold onto things a little longer, just in case.

Just because it seems like i can shun temptation doesn’t mean i’m not tempted all day long.

Basically, excuses are invalid.

Pretty cool to hear this from an expert.

Be amazed and be amazing today.


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Our head is spinning with anxious thoughts about today’s to-do list

child learning how to put gas in a car
Eventually, we have to do this for real, along with a million other things.


It’s a busy world. Our day, today, probably has our head spinning with how can we possibly accomplish everything before it’s time to go to sleep.

To add to that workload, i’m offering an eight-minute read from Seth Godin about why our educational system influences our need for compliance.




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The way to stay positive is reliant on four things

Orlando Keynote speakers


(photo: Are we capable of being a personal positive attitude hotspot for others to get energy from?)

Whether we are retired or not, the way to stay positive is reliant on four things:

  1. The things (books, blogs, articles) we read
  2. The people we associate with
  3. The things we write (social media comments, blogs, emails)
  4. The things we watch and listen to (tv, music, internet)

Pretty simple. These things are in our control.

Be intentional or be subconsciously miserable.

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The short list of big things

Yellow Lab with chew toy by fireplace
Two nights before the first public hint the book project is back on the front burner


The short list of big things:

Excuses • Regrets • Second Chances • Permission

And at the end of the day:

Personal Responsibility • Peace

Remember yesterday when we said tomorrow?

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