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In praise of slowness (video)

Disney Institute Keynote Speaker
Is it possible to make being uncomfortable your comfort zone?


The truth hurts and the truth can set you free.

How often do you drive the speed limit?


How often?

This question is really asking, “How often do you break the law?”

This TED Talk is much deeper and highly recommended.

But alas, you’re too busy.

Hurry on your way, i get it (and eventually, speed gets us).


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Balance (yeah right)

How intentionality teaches you

Horseback rider in Orlando neighborhood
While writing yesterday quickly captured neighbor riding her horse through our front yard.


It’s taken our entire lifetime to get to this day called today.

When we live intentionally, everything becomes our teacher.


Paying attention can only happen when we slow down.

Slowing down is not socially promoted or even remotely possible in today’s world.

Is it?

Give up or slowly work on slowing down.

Shedding, purging, letting go, simplifying, pausing to sit – and listen to our own breath.

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About Mid Life Celebration

Dear readers (and especially Donna), slow and steady wins the race

Farm covered in snow
Trading 80 degrees for 8 degrees for the next four days


Was asked yesterday why the cryptic nature of some posts?

This created a moment of pause and reflection. You know the kind.

When mystery is intentional, it is called out specifically, when it is unintentional it could be because:

  • the writer is playing it safe (better safe than sorry – a motto or a way of life?)
  • the author is talking to himself (knowing we all have similar thoughts) (be patient, please)
  • the author embraces the painfully slow process of transformation
  • it’s kind of fun to do the impossible

In hearing, we never remember, in discovering it ourselves, we never forget.

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Be Afraid to Stop

“Be not afraid of going slowly;  be only afraid of standing still”. Chinese Proverb

I just wrote a blog post at jeff about this very subject.  About wondering if now is the right time, if the current approach is the right approach.

This type of potential self-doubt and potential fear, can sabatoge us from breaking through to something we can be great at.  And something we should be great at.  It’s just that we are late bloomers and are playing catch up.

This time delay – from creating a compelling vision – to it actually materializing, takes way longer than most people can comprehend.  This is why people give up and stop,

So, be not afraid of going slow.   Be afraid of stopping.