Will this change change things?

Midlife Celebration Keynote Speaker


Midlife Celebration Keynote Speaker


Getting Mid Life Celebration in the hands of as many people as possible is worth forgoing any profit. Profit is not the goal.

Will lowering the paperback and Kindle price change things? Three weeks ago began the process of lowering the price. It may take another three weeks before we see it on Amazon.

Lowering the list price from $19.99 to 10.99 has been approved. Amazon then uses an algorithm to create a standard discount.

Still waiting on the Kindle price reduction from $9.99 to somewhere between $1.99 and $3.99. Amazon also discounts Kindle prices.

Nothing venture, nothing gained.

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Thank you for purchasing, reading, and reviewing Mid Life Celebration

Florida Department of State Division of Corporations
Renewed yesterday, Jan 11. The real MBA comes when you manage your own business administration.


The wait is over. After 46 consecutive five-star reviews, the first non-five star.

Two stars.

Ecstatic to finally get some critical feedback. Seriously. It’s wonderful.

“A very quick read that gets to the heart of mid life. I was a little bothered that the author kept saying ‘you know this.’ All I kept thinking was, then why the heck am I reading this book if I already know it.”

So grateful to the person for investing their money to purchase, investing their time to read and their time to review.

The author could have said in the book, but did’t, that it was written to his young son as a life guide in case something bad ever happened to the dad.

The author (dad) was being intentionally repetitious with the reminder to his son, “You know this.” Yet the dad also is keenly aware of human nature:

To know is to do. To know and not do, is to not yet know.

So grateful. For everything.

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Midlife Celebration is on Amazon and Kindle

Midlife Celebration is on Amazon and Kindle


(photo: Shipped 16 copies yesterday… a buy one, get three free website offer… a deal Amazon doesn’t offer.)

Midlife Celebration is on Amazon and Kindle and no one cares. Only authors know the reality – being published as one of the ten-million-plus books on Amazon means nothing – to anyone – except maybe your parents.

Marketing is the key to scaling the wall of popularity, of importance. Well, that and having a compelling message.

Anything more compelling than not being afraid of death?

PS. It takes a life long time to become an overnight success.

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What happens when we least expect it versus expecting it yesterday?

Amazon book royalties check
First book royalty check from Amazon


Unmet expectations cause all sorts of challenges. Some of them motivating enough to change everything. Some of our unmet expectations help us realize we can never change certain things  – but we can rethink our expectations and let that thing go.

This is called freedom.


Sixth months after publishing Mid Life Celebration on Thanksgiving Day 2013, a modest royalty check arrived a few days ago.

Had wondered (for a long time) when it would arrive, but wasn’t expecting anything.

Especially wasn’t expecting the magnitude of the reality while depositing the first royalty check.

Dreams coming true are often very different when they actually happen.

Have you had some unmet expectation bless or curse you this year?

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