If only we had spent more time at the office

  (photo: Labor Day weekend 2014 at Gibmore, which isn’t far from Biltmore) A mini epiphany is good for the soul. Had one yesterday. Epiphanies don’t come around much anymore, do they? As toddlers, they happened almost daily. Our learning curve was massive back in the day. But now? Now if we’re lucky as middle age […]

Single Most Important Tip

Things you can do to prepare for a Mid Life Crisis, before it happens.  Click here to read the article from Everyday Health. However, here’s the single most important tip you will ever get from anyone about preparing for your midlife crisis or, as I like to say, your mid life celebration. Focus on Life’s […]

Be Afraid to Stop

“Be not afraid of going slowly;  be only afraid of standing still”. — Chinese Proverb I just wrote a blog post at jeff noel.com about this very subject.  About wondering if now is the right time, if the current approach is the right approach. This type of potential self-doubt and potential fear, can sabatoge us […]