Who’s the first to hear the news?

  (photo: Fidelity Net Benefits is a very handy iPhone App) Who hears the big announcement first? How do you say it? Why do you pick that person to tell first? What information is worthy of a big announcement? Are there some announcements that know no boundaries and are big for everyone? How hard is […]

Trying to remain exceptionally humble, and incredibly joyful

  (photo: Pure unadulterated joy! A 10-year old in 1969. He’s using the original joy stick.) Pennsylvania (in the morning) and Florida (in the evening), enjoyed your company yesterday. Please don’t be offended with this morning’s departure to Oregon. The list of people (Family) who know the big announcement news is growing. Harvest time is […]

mind • body • spirit • money • hq (the box that holds it all together)

  We’ve been misled to believe balance is two – work life and home life. Two is a nice low number, but inadequate in addressing the larger whole. There are actually five components to balance. How did we go through life and not know? mind • body • spirit • money • hq Now we […]