The reward for being a midlife warrior isn’t readily apparent

  Second day back from the four-day Senior Assisted Living and Nursing Home visit. Wrapping up the afterglow, inspiration and insight with today’s five posts. The reward for being a midlife warrior isn’t readily apparent. Bottomline reality is this: Life is hard. In nature, it’s called the food chain. Everyday, living things must accept their […]

The two things it takes to go against the inevitable

  The inevitable repetition of the daily obligations, expectations, and challenges is enough to have us throw up our arms in surrender and quit – to quit trying to live a remarkably vibrant life. It takes a special indomitable will and positive outlook to go against the inevitable. The opportunity is available to everyone. Almost […]

Midlife peace that surpasses modern understanding

  If you want something you’ve never had, you’ve got to do things you’ve never done, doing them without fail, much longer than seems reasonable. Midlife peace that surpasses understanding doesn’t come easily. Yet the work it takes to touch that space, well, that in and of itself brings peace. This month jeff noel is […]