What is mental hunger?

Lake Lure Inn


(photo: Fancy dining room at Lake Lure Inn in North Carolina)

Mental hunger.

Is it the yearning for a better, more consistent attitude?

Is it the wish for less worry?

Yearning and wishing are natural.

So is hunger.

Is it selfish to feed ourselves first?

Isn’t it everyone’s wish to eliminate hunger from the world?

When the proverbial oxygen masks fall, put yours on first – for all the obvious reasons.

You have come far when you can not remember the last time you complained abut something.

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Wisdom Confidence Courage Joy

A Word Is Worth A Thousand Pictures
A Word Is Worth A Thousand Pictures

Do you have words that fill you with Joy?  Words that inspire you? Words that instantly create positive images in your mind?

Four favorites are in the Mid Life Celebration blog post title here – wisdom, confidence, courage, joy.

Do those do anything for you?  How about these:

  • Faith, Hope, Love
  • Peace, Harmony, Balance
  • Creativity, Innovation, Change
  • Laughter, Humor, Bliss
  • Hunger, Desire, Passion
  • Determination, Tenacity
  • Vision, Mission, Brand
  • Social Media, Blogs, Facebook
  • Mind, Body, Spirit, Money

Words. So many good ones. So much meaning.

Mid Life Crisis and Mid Life Celebration. Ya with me?