Weak overwhelmingly prevails

If that bookshelf could talk.

Truth or dare?

Truth, please.

Ask any seasoned Disney business consultant and speaker, “What’s the most universal thing you witness across all industries?”

An organization’s spirit to change is strong, yet the organization’s will to change is weak.

Told you that to tell you this: same thing happens to individuals, people like you and me. We desperately would love to develop better habits, but we struggle with the time, money, and effort required.

Find a million ways to stay motivated.

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Life Transition (Dec 2014)

Is it careful what you wish for, or a dream come true?

Jet in sky


The car arrived at 4:00am to take the busy executive to the Orlando airport. Ten days in California on business.

Wondering if this is where she thought she’d be in life.

Wondering if it was the hope all along or was it simply serendipity?

Wondering how executives define themselves when they stop being in charge. You know, retire.

Wondering how any of us will define ourselves, after, you know, we retire.

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We have to start our own fire

school class
Who teaches them to be fire starters?


We have to start our own fire.

And if we’re going to be a flame, why not a bonfire?

And if we call ourselves a fire starter, are we an example or a warning?

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Authenticity (New Currency)

The older we get, the more authenticity appeals to us and feels uncompromisingly important

Store front window inspirational message
Not fun to admit, but it is true – it’s called commitment (for a lifetime)


Lower left... shouting our name
Random encounter during a run yesterday


The older we get, the more authenticity appeals to us and feels uncompromisingly important.

And yet.

None of us will change if we aren’t ready. Or willing.

(we can be ready, but unwilling)

The only possible way this will work is if we discard the old rules.

Conformity. Compliance. Toleration. Yearning. Stalling.

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One Question A Day?

How bad do we want a good attitude?

Central Florida sunset near Walt Disney World
The work day begins the night before


How bad do we want a good attitude?

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