Do you have enough of this to last a lifetime?

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At least a million…enough to last a lifetime of distractions, naysayers, temptation, pain, hurt, regret, failure, etc.


Do you have enough of this to last a lifetime?



Motivation is like a fire, unless you continue to add fuel to it, it will go out.


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Dear Son

The harsh reality, positive change will never come

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From social media yesterday, no attribution available.


When you convince yourself that you want something (elusive), you will never get it until one thing happens.

For example, do you desire to be positive all the time, but fall back into negative, self-destructive habits?

The harsh reality is this will never change.

Not until you want this change as badly as you want your next breath – only then will you have a fighting chance.

Best wishes for this reminder to be a positive catalytic moment for you.

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This website is about our MIND. To read today’s post about our BODY, click here.


Need Help Not Giving Up?

Protecting our attitude requires 100% determination

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Photo: Facebook screen shot yesterday.


Protecting our attitude requires 100% determination.

Once we cave, it’s over.

Talk about ‘the walking dead’.

And when we never cave, talk about the strength.


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It's All We Have

The two things it takes to go against the inevitable

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Yesterday at 7:15am.


The inevitable repetition of the daily obligations, expectations, and challenges is enough to have us throw up our arms in surrender and quit – to quit trying to live a remarkably vibrant life.

It takes a special indomitable will and positive outlook to go against the inevitable.

The opportunity is available to everyone.

Almost daily (and often all day) i must remind myself of this.

All that overcoming the obstacles yesterday does is give me the opportunity to start all over again today.

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Becoming excellent is too much trouble

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The world moves forward thanks to overachievers.


Blogging is way over rated. So is running. And prayer too, while we’re at it. And anything else that the experts tout is good for us.

You know why?

Because most people’s efforts are half-hearted at best.

Walt Disney’s professional life was a life that was incredibly “all in”.

Please don’t misunderstand, most of us start out all fired up. It’s just this whole notion of dedicating our lives to it. That’s the trouble with becoming excellent, it takes so much freakin’ effort.

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