Bring your heart

Disney Keynote speaker
Tradition calls for one last photo in Apgar from the shore of Lake McDonald, two days ago

We didn’t come to hear your words as much as we came to hear your heart.

While you’re telling me, move me.

That’s what we want.

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Life Is Short Play Hard

Mid Life words are helpful. So are mid life phrases:

  • Just do it
  • Carpe diem
  • Life is short, play hard

Life can change in an instant.  This One-Take-You Tube video I shot the other day while leaving from my podiatrist illustrates this perfectly.

Life is short, play hard. Carpe diem. Just do it.

And expect Joy to follow.

Mid Life Words

Nothing Under Mid Life
Nothing Under Mid Life

Are you getting this? Mid Life Crisis versus Mid Life Celebration.

These are simply mid life words, but the difference between the two sets of words is as profound as the difference here:

  • Hate and Love
  • War and Peace
  • Terrorist and Missionary
  • Dishonest and Honest
  • Criminal and Saint
  • Death and Life
  • Apathy and Passion
  • Crisis and Celebration

Have I told you lately how much joy it brings to know there are others out there who benefit as much from Mid Life Celebration as I do?

Three days away from New Year’s Eve. Got big plans for 2010?

Google This!

Happy Monday everyone.  Hope you had a nice weekend, and that your mid-life week ahead is motivating.

I was reflecting on why I started blogging, and I’m still convinced that helping others in Mid Life, to do something great, is still a good and decent thing to do.

So, in blogging, and business, and just about anything really, if people don’t know about your service or product, you become a statistic.

I’ve read that somewhere around 90-95% of ventures that people start disappear after five years.  Meaning, they no longer exist.


Many reasons to be sure.

Marketing is a big one.

While there is temptation to feel uncomfortable with self-promotion, I believe it must be overcome.

Your vision is completely at risk if people don’t know about it.

So, Google this: Mid Life Celebration.  Being in the top three on a Google search is a VERY good thing.

If you’re on the first page, that’s great, but not as great as the top three.

Now, Google this:  jeff noel.

What’s the point?

The harder you work, the luckier you get.  I’m darn lucky to be number one and number four.

Make it a great day today a great mid-life day, because if you don’t, who will?  If not today, when?  Carpe diem, jeff noel  🙂

Social Media and Mid Life Business Blogging?

Mid Life Business Blogging and Social Media?

Social Media is so exciting to me.


Because of it’s limitless potential.

Here’s an article, Five Social Media Rules of Engagement , with a few common sense, social media guidelines.  There are plenty of other social media and social networking articles at this site  .

I’m going to add a PAGE in the right column for links to other social media and social marketing articles I find.

I already have a list started on another blog PAGE, entitled Better Business Blogging 101 .

While originally targeted to Baby Boomers and Gen X-ers, it’s usefulness and relevance may work for many others.

There’s never been a better time to be going through a mid-life crisis or mid life celebration than 2009.

Carpe diem, jeff noel  🙂