Is The Sky On Fire?

Mid Life Dreams.  We all have them. We all like them.  We all want them to come true. This is probably where we take a wrong turn. Somewhere. Somehow. It happens. But we are completely unaware.  For a long time. A really long time. Maybe a couple decades. We somehow miss the turn, get lost, […]

Harvard Business Review Says

Harvard Business Review simply says this, in reference to the proverbial mid life crisis: “A growing number of researchers are defining middle age more broadly and in positive terms, as a good time to reassess life goals and chart a new course.” “Midlife is your best and last chance to become the real you,” declared […]

Humble Servant

Humble servant. Profoundly simple. Easy to remember. Easy enough for others to remember it. But not powerful enough to get others motivated to think long enough, and hard enough, to do anything about theirs.

463 Word Vision Statement

There once was a man from Nantucket, …. Okay, sorry, forgive me please. There once was a man from Spring Grove, Pennsylvania, who traveled around the country, by bus, by (someone else’s) car and by bicycle. In 1984, he and his wife of one year, flipped a coin.  Palm trees and sunshine won out over […]

What’s You Biggest Dream?

It’s fun to dream big dreams, isn’t it? We did this constantly as children, a little less often as adolescents, and even less as teenagers. Well, maybe we dreamed more as teenagers, but mostly about  sex relationships. But when did we stop dreaming about flying, or becoming an astronaut, artist, inventor, teacher, parent, Olympic athlete, […]