100 was impossible let alone 1826

  (photo: Shared the 1,826-day posting streak on personal FB update yesterday) Today is dedicated to going after our impossible dreams. 1826 The fact that MLC has written five daily posts for five consecutive years is astonishing. The emotional, personal, ripple effect from today’s posts (day 1827) has been fun in a weird, unexpected way. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. […]

Wisdom Confidence Courage Joy

Do you have words that fill you with Joy?  Words that inspire you? Words that instantly create positive images in your mind? Four favorites are in the Mid Life Celebration blog post title here – wisdom, confidence, courage, joy. Do those do anything for you?  How about these: Faith, Hope, Love Peace, Harmony, Balance Creativity, […]

Mid Life Crisis Strikes Again

Was I having a midlife crisis moment a few days ago while sitting in the pew at Church, listening to our inspiring Priest? Nope.  It was a midlife celebration moment. It filled me with joy and went something like this: Lately, I’ve been questioning the percentage of time I write about serious and deep stuff […]