Get started (looks good on paper)

Apple Keynote getting started tips
Practicing on the new iPad.

Get started.

Can’t make it any simpler.

(looks good on paper)

But a paper idea is worthless.

You ok with settling?

By settling, i mean are you ok perpetuating the dreaming up ideas part, but not really getting anything “impossible” off the ground.

So, are you?

Okay with settling?

Then get started.

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Joy Is A Choice

Joy is a choice I get to make every moment of every day.  Same with you, even if it doesn’t seem so.

Did I mention that I have a pile of emotional baggage as big as many of you?

Did I mention that my wife and I are disabled?

Did I mention we spent our life savings to become parents?

Did I mention our son has an incurable disease?

Did I mention that I’ve overcome addiction?

The list goes on and on. So please, please don’t say, “But you’ve got it made.  You are living the dream.  You are so fortunate.”

This would generally be considered an insult, and completely disrespectful.  And maybe the beginning of an excuse.

But forgiveness rushes in and all that’s left is joy.  Almost unspeakable joy.