Dear Readers, each morning I think of you and wonder six things

Lane 8 at Lake Brantley High School Track stadium
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Dear Readers, each morning I think of you and wonder six things. Do you know:

  1. How grateful I am for your company?
  2. How much I hope you get more out of this now than when you started?
  3. How often I dream that you find it worthy to share with others?
  4. How scary it can be to be a writer?
  5. How sincerely I value your feedback?
  6. How often I think about one through five?

Be well today and remain amazed.

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A Little Midlife Celebration Love

Dear Mid Life Celebration readers and followers, THANK YOU for spending your precious time reading this blog. You have over 80,000,000 other blogs you can choose from.

Rejoice In Simple Things
Rejoice In Simple Things

Do great work today. And remember, great is a relative term.

If simply getting through your day is an accomplishment for you, congratulations. Never give up.

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Midlife Thanks

I'm Not Monkeying Around - THANK YOU!
I'm Not Monkeying Around - THANK YOU!

Ever have someone do really nice things for you, and then you thank them a decent amount?

But they don’t stop doing nice things for you. They keep at it and continue to be nice, without letting up, without asking for anything, they just keep giving.

And after some amount of time, you suddenly have a panic attack that you haven’t kept up with your gratefulness for their niceness?

Lorie Sheffer, THANK YOU for being a faithful, insightful, and humorous Guest Blogger here at Mid Life Celebration.

If there’s someone in your life that could use a “reminder” thank you, today might be a good day to do it.