If only we had spent more time at the office

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(photo: Labor Day weekend 2014 at Gibmore, which isn’t far from Biltmore)

A mini epiphany is good for the soul. Had one yesterday. Epiphanies don’t come around much anymore, do they?

As toddlers, they happened almost daily. Our learning curve was massive back in the day.

But now? Now if we’re lucky as middle age grown ups, our learning curve looks like a straight line with just a tiny curve. The way a wooden board might look when slightly warped. Difficult to see any curve, but you can if you look closer.

The mini epiphany?

To let go of something that doesn’t matter. And it happened rather quickly after all this time holding on.

While the thing does matter, it is no longer up to this now comforted soul to worry about.

Still hopeful for those teammates remaining. They deserve goodness.

But have let go of the altruistic notion that it was a purpose important enough to die for.

No one looks back and says, ‘Wish I had spent more time at the office’.

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