Who’s the most important member of your mental fitness team?

Epcot parking lot marker
Yesterday…lunch at Epcot. Epcot’s brand is Discovery. Magic Kingdom’s is Fantasy.


Who’s the most important member of your mental fitness team?

You are.

Who else can get regular exercise, adequate rest, balanced nutrition for you?

Who else can determine your core spiritual beliefs, and your level of conviction and participation?

Who else can determine your work ethic, career goals, risk tolerance, commitment to excellence and resilience?

Who else can organize your home-life processes and structure for “the paperwork of life”?


Be well.


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Heading to Kentucky for the night to address change

The iceberg of ignorance
Photo: LinkedIn update. Scary how true this is. Think undercover boss.


They say the only person who likes a change is a baby…

For phases of change:

  1. Storming
  2. Forming
  3. Norming
  4. Performing

Ain’t no skipping ahead. Growing joys never made it as a cliche, for obvious reasons.




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