Mid Life Hoarder OCD?

Mental Stability, Mental Wellness
Mental Stability, Mental Wellness

Find a million ways to get and stay motivated, right?

The Internet offers limitless opportunities to get valuable information. One of the things I do is experiment with various email subscriptions to helpful mid life health topics.

Everyday Health is one of those that gives more than I can keep up with. However, I do scan every email they send and here’s one that resonates. It may also help you.

Click here to gain insight on mid life hoarding and the possible link to OCD.

Insights and knowledge help us move closer to having Peace at Mid Life, even if we are, or know people, who are Hoarder’s (with or without OCD).

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  1. This is excellent. I think the tough part is, if the person lives alone they will likely go out, but not let others in, so their loved ones are unaware of the magnitude of the problem. To see an intelligent, charming, loving person be overtaken with this is heartbreaking. The stigma associated with mental illness only makes matters worse.

  2. Lorie, thank you for your comment. Man, there sure aren’t any easy answers to the “Why?” question, are there?

    Perhaps knowing it’s a disease makes it more acceptable.

    Perhaps wondering if the disease could have been prevented, lessened, or mitigated makes it tougher.

    Prayers and uncommon blessings to you and your family.

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