The Jewel Of Wisdom

Most people say wisdom is a good thing. You know, better than the opposite. And part of being wise is knowing when to recognize an opportunity. This past weekend’s “research” trip yielded so much thought…like meeting Flash* at a Florida beach surf shop.

On A Search For.....Firewood
On A Search For.....Firewood

While searching for firewood, I found Flash instead, and asked him if he was the owner.

Translated It Means The Jewel of Wisdom
Translated It Means The Jewel of Wisdom

Not the owner, but long ago he toured with the Grateful Dead and Ozzy Osbourne, doing the whole sex, drugs and rock and roll thing and has been sober for 27 years.

Matching Bumper Sticker
Matching Bumper Sticker

It’s going to be an interesting week….

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* Not his real name.

Mid Life Wake Up Calls

Crisis Town Or Celebration Bound?
Crisis Town Or Celebration Bound?

Mid Life Celebration’s catalyst is to help us answer the wake up calls we get, as we journey through life.

These midlife wake up calls can happen at any time, but tend to be in the middle part of our life.

It’s possible you can experience more than one wake up call in your lifetime, and sometimes, you may have more than one at a time.

As Lorie Sheffer described yesterday, an untimely death of a loved one, or the sudden health crisis of a loved one (or even ourselves), can all lead to a reevaluation of our path.

Do you have an example of your mid life celebration (or crisis)?

Who Said?

Quotes Supply The Essence For Comprehension
Quotes Supply The Essence For Comprehension

Do you enjoy quotes? Most people do. What is it about quotes that draws us to them? For me, it’s the ability to summarize something profound in a small sound bite. It’s the simplicity that does it. What does it for you?

Here’s one of my favorites:

“It doesn’t matter what I say and do, it only matters what you say and do.”

Any guesses on who said that?

Mid Life Rear View Mirror

Get A Grip & Be Prepared
Get A Grip & Be Prepared

Ever wonder how you’ll handle all of the challenges you face today?

And let’s suppose we actually do get a handle on our overwhelming challenges, then what?

What are the odds that we’ll be overwhelmed again soon?

Maybe I should go back to drinking everyday.  After a few drinks, we are medicated enough to stop worrying about today – it can wait until tomorrow.  That’s a nice relief – no more worry today.

But it mostly can’t wait.  If we do wait, more stuff is added to our “pile”.

Then we reach for our “midlife medication”.

Why we fail to look in the rear view mirror and see what is coming is beyond me.

Well, it used to be beyond me. Now, it’s staring me in the face. Every day.

It’s a ton of work, but at least I’m being honest with myself.

Talk about mid-life peace of mind.

Well, not talk. Do.

Mid Life Hoarder OCD?

Mental Stability, Mental Wellness
Mental Stability, Mental Wellness

Find a million ways to get and stay motivated, right?

The Internet offers limitless opportunities to get valuable information. One of the things I do is experiment with various email subscriptions to helpful mid life health topics.

Everyday Health is one of those that gives more than I can keep up with. However, I do scan every email they send and here’s one that resonates. It may also help you.

Click here to gain insight on mid life hoarding and the possible link to OCD.

Insights and knowledge help us move closer to having Peace at Mid Life, even if we are, or know people, who are Hoarder’s (with or without OCD).