Mid Life Leadership Paradox?

Midlife leadership paradox, or, midlife leadership pair of boxes? Pete Blank used to work as a Leader at The Walt Disney World Resort. Now, he’s an entrepreneur and Leadership coach and professional speaker. I subscribe to his blog and wanted to share one that is particularly relevant as we pursue a mid life celebration.  Click […]

Mind, Body, Spirit, Money

Mind, Body, Spirit, Money. The big four. I’m committed to figuring out these four simple concepts, now that I’m into mid-life. There came a certain mid-life crisis moment, not sure when, that I realized I better start living and quit waiting. Didn’t want to be guilty of going through the motions, and then finding myself […]

Social Media and Mid Life Business Blogging?

Mid Life Business Blogging and Social Media? Social Media is so exciting to me. Why? Because of it’s limitless potential. Here’s an article, Five Social Media Rules of Engagement , with a few common sense, social media guidelines.  There are plenty of other social media and social networking articles at this site www.ploked.com  . I’m going […]

Check Your Mid-Life User Name?

Hey Mid-Lifer’s, Check Your User Name is a website that can help you see where you sit in the digital marketplace. Using LinkedIn has been a great eye-opener to what various businesses and professionals are doing to leverage the Internet and Social Marketing, SEO, and Social Media. I’m a Mid-Life magnet for great insights, best practices, […]

Mid Life Friday?

Mid Life Friday?  Yes indeed! “If people are good only because they fear punishment and hope for reward, then we are a sorry lot indeed”.  — Albert Einstein The goal to become a good and decent person can seem overwhelming, at least to me.  How is it for you? Overwhelming or not, I’m going to keep […]