Dead Serious

Good luck with that Mister…

Yesterday’s post was dead serious. Our educational system is being re-written as I type these words. But it’s happening by default. Not by design. There’s no clear vision.

I’m placing a stake in the ground. Mid Life Celebration, LLC is dedicated to driving the teaching and learning – of mental responsibility, physical responsibility, spiritual (emotional) responsibility, financial (career) responsibility and personal-life administration responsibility – from pre-school through college graduation.

Yes, I have a dream where children enter adulthood equipped with years of practical, common sense life skills.

The thesis being: With every one of Life’s Big Choices comes a consequence.

Follow the path of The Herd, or follow the path of The Movement.

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Ladies & Non-Boomers

To every women, Gen X, Gen Y and Millennial, and even Gen Z out there, you are a critical part of Mid Life Celebration’s The Movement.

Start with what you know. Sage advice. Common sense (but not common).

As a male Baby Boomer, born in 1959, I’m what you call an expert in this generational demographic. In fact, I also have Gen X characteristics.

So I’m starting with the people I know the best. The ones I can look in the eye and call their bluff (aka as BS). But you come in right there beside us, as part of the Life Celebration Ripple Effect (LCRE).

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Are You Crazy Enough?

Crazy Bicyclist?
Crazy Bicyclist?

Are you crazy enough to dream BIG? I mean “Change the World” BIG!

Mid Life Celebration’s vision is to inspire just three percent (3%) of the male Baby Boomers to do something GREAT before they die.

From mending a Family relationship before someone dies, to helping to find a cure for an incurable disease, or something in between.

With roughly half of the 80-million Baby Boomers being men, that’s a target market of 1.2 million.

And then we pray and bank on the ripple effect.  Any idea why?